Good Things About All My Hiking Tours to Finland’s National Parks

I have both day hikes and overnight camping trips to the same destinations. For day hikes just skip over the camping stuff on this page.


Who these tours are for
What’s included in my tours
What you get and what you don’t
What if the weather is bad
Good to know


  Who These Tours Are For

  • You want to go hiking in Finland’s national parks but you don’t know how to do it or don’t want to go through all the trouble of doing everything yourself.
  • You want the easiest way to go hiking.
  • You want to sleep in a tent.
  • You don’t own all the gear needed to go hiking and camping.
  • You want to experience hiking in Finland, but you don’t want to carry a super heavy backpack.
  • You want the tour to adjust to your liking, you don’t want to go in a large group.
  • You want to experience peace in nature.
  • You want to see the best things at the destinations.


Vaellusvarusteet vaellusmatkoilla. Sisältää teltat, makuupussit ja -alustat, tyynyt, rinkat ja kaiken muun tarvittavan.
My hiking trips include all the gear you need to hike and camp, and the gear are good.

  What’s Included in My Hiking Tours

Transport to the destination. I’ll pick you up from your accommodation for trips around Helsinki and from airport or railway station closer to the destination further north. See details on the destination’s page.

Hiking and camping gear, outdoor clothing, shoes and other gear for every weather. All you need to have are clothes you’re comfortable in to step from your hotel to my minibus. Read more about clothing later on this page.

Gear you can borrow:

  • Suitable for approx. 150-195 cm tall, shoes in sizes 36-47.
  • Backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow and utensils.
  • Waterproof jacket, trousers, shoes and gloves, for you to stay dry.
  • Down jacket, fleece, trousers, socks, gloves, beanie and bandana for cold weather.
  • Cap, socks, mosquito headnet and repellent, headtorch and walking poles.
  • Towel, wet wipes, tissues, toilet paper and first aid kit.
  • Powerbank to charge your phone.

Food and drinks for the whole tour. Breakfast, warm drinks, snacks, lunch, dinner and drinking water are included. Let me know of your allergies or diets on the booking form.

Guiding on small, remote trails to beautiful and peaceful spots. As your guide I also take care of all the camping stuff and cooking, and that you’re feeling good. You can participate as much as you want, or relax while I take care of everything.

Relaxed schedule for your stress-free experience. The tours don’t have strict timetable or program, we live and walk as you please.

All the typical nature activities like picking berries or mushrooms, swimming, staring at the landscape, taking it easy and being amazed of the world.

Peace and personal experiences in a small group.


Lainattavat vaellusvarusteet, kuten rinkat, teltat sekä makuupussit ja -alustat.
You can borrow a good backpack, spacious tent, very warm sleeping bag, comfortable sleeping pad and pillow, and all outdoor clothing you might need.

  What You Get On My Hikes

  • Very warm sleeping bag + very comfortable sleeping pad + spacious tent + light backpack = best hiking experience.
  • The easiest way to go hiking with good gear without buying anything yourself.
  • Enjoy hiking. You don’t have to do preparations, plan the route, find your way, search for campsite, do the dishes, or maintain all the gear after the hike.
  • Get away from everyday life and find inner peace.
  • Get to see the best things about the destinations.
  • Take around half a grocery bag of your own stuff with you.


  What You Don’t Get On My Hikes

  • Take everything you own with you. There’s limited space in the backpack and you have to carry your own gear.
  • Restaurant’s menu. We hike for real, away from services, so we eat hiking food.
  • Warm shower every day.


Vaelluskurssi, kolmen vuodenajan varusteet riittävät talveen asti.
The gear you can borrow from me are good for colder weather as well.

  What if the Weather Is Bad

There’s no need to be afraid of rain, we’ll be alright with my gear.

However if there’s bad weather forecasted for the days you’ve booked and you don’t want to go because of it, you can always change the booking to another time, or we can change the destination to some place that has better weather!

Other Details You Should Know

Read more details about all my hiking tours and instructions for clothing, gear and food.

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