Hiking and Camping Course for Beginners in Finland, Skills From Nuuksio to Lapland

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  Who’s This Course For

  • No experience or very little.
  • You don’t own camping gear and you don’t know what you should get.
  • You don’t know how to use the gear.
  • You want to hike and camp in three season conditions (from spring to fall).
  • You want to be able to hike by yourself.
  • Being in nature is the most important thing, you don’t want to carry a heavy backpack.
  • You want to have lightweight gear because you’re small, with physical limitations, you want to hike long distances, or you’re like me and you’d rather carry a lighter backpack.


Vaelluskurssi, telttailu Nuuksiossa.
Hiking skills are not only for Lapland, they’re also useful for overnight trips in your local national parks.


Hiking with camping, or backpacking, is in principle very simple activity: walking in nature.

But what does it require to be able to walk in nature for several days, a week or a month without outside help?

That’s the question this course gives an answer.


You can combine this course to any other overnight hiking trip without extra cost.


Who’s this course for
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I want hiking to be comfortable. For me hiking is first and foremost about spending time in nature and having real experiences of the world, and a journey to inner peace.

I have to carry everything I need with me in a backpack, so I want my gear to be light. I don’t want to have a heavy backpack ruining my enjoyment of being in nature.

Vaeltaminen rinkka selässä, kevyillä varusteilla. Nuuksion kansallispuisto.
In this backpack is everything one needs on hikes in Lapland from summer to fall, with food for 5 days. This weighs only 10 kilograms!

You always need certain gear for hiking and camping, but choosing them makes a big difference. For a week long hike do you want your backpack to weigh 10 kilos or 20? I know my answer and I know what happens to a beginner if they just walk in to a local shop and buy the traditional gear.

Vaelluskurssi, koti luonnossa.
My home in nature.

When all the different aspects of hiking are under control and you know what you’re doing hiking becomes comfortable and you can enjoy all the experiences with no care on your mind. The world can turn around us in any way for as long as we have food, dry in a tent and warm in a sleeping bag. Then everything is fine.

From my experience others have enjoyed being in nature with how I do things. I’ve started hiking alone so I know what kind of help is the most useful, and that’s why I want to share my skills and knowledge on this course.

Vaelluskurssi, opi tarvittavat taidot ja näe revontulia Lapin erämaassa.
This wonder is worth experiencing in Lapland: camping in a tent under the northern lights.



Hiking season: spring, summer and fall (three season)

Availability: from spring to fall

Duration: 2 days and 1 night

Destination: Nuuksio National Park near Helsinki

Transport: pickup from your accommodation anywhere in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, travel time from Helsinki is around 30 minutes

Start time: when you want

Group size: private, 1 or 2 and guide

Food and drinks: includes everything you need on the trip (inform of allergies or diets when booking)

Hiking gear and clothing: includes all the gear and clothing for every weather (fits approx. 150-195 cm tall, shoe sizes 36-47)

What you need to have: toothbrush and underwear, personal medication and hygiene products


Vaelluskurssi, laavu ja nuotio Hossassa.
Backpacking isn’t always about sleeping in a tent. Here in Finland we have very good free lean-tos and wilderness huts that everybody can use, like this place in Hossa.

  Course Program

Notice there isn’t a strict schedule on the course, it’s over when we’ve dealt all the topics. We’ll spend two relaxed days in nature.

Transport to course destination, I’ll pick you up from your accommodation.

Borrow outdoor clothing and gear

Clothing, shoes and other gear you might need in every weather. You only need to have clothing you’re comfortable to get in to my car. You can change clothing in a warm place.

Gear and clothing you can borrow:

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers, shoes, gloves and a hat so that you’ll stay dry.
  • Warm jacket, fleece, trousers, socks, gloves, beanie and a scarf for cold weather.
  • Waterproof backpack for gear, clothing, food and your own stuff.
  • Tent, sleeping bag and pad, pillow to sleep comfortably.
  • Cap, socks, headtorch, towel, mosquito headnet and repellent.
  • Hiking poles.

Walk into nature.

Get to know maps and how to orienteer with a compass and your own eyes.

We’ll go through all the gear and what’s important in every piece. I mean everything from underwear to what’s in a first aid kit. All the important bits you’ll later find in my gear list.

Everybody hikes, so:

  • Carries a backpack.
  • Finds their way to a campsite.
  • Eats snacks.
  • Sets up camp.
  • Get’s a feeling for living in a tent.
  • Cooks dinner with hiking stove (and does the dishes).
  • Sleeps in a tent.
  • Takes down the camp and packs their backpacks.

Learn meta skills so all the small things that make hiking enjoyable and safe.

Ask all the time about everything you have on your mind about hiking and camping.

Transport back to your accommodation.


After the course:

You’ll get my gear and food list in email.

Buy your own gear with my gear list and you can ask me for help and opinions on WhatsApp or email.

Transport from Helsinki to Nuuksio National Park in minibus.
Plenty of space in my minibus for everybody.

 What You Get

  • You get to try my gear, the same ones I use from Nuuksio to Lapland. You’ll carry a backpack with all the gear in it, set up tent, cook food on hiking stove, pack the backpack, and do everything else that you need to do on a multiday hike.
  • We’ll go through every piece of gear I take with me.
  • What gear you need to have and why.
  • What’s important with every specific gear.
  • Personal help choosing your own gear.
  • Gear list that has everything I pack for a three season hike in Lapland. You can fill your own gear in it and it’ll calculate your backpack’s weight.
  • Information about hiking food, what’s important, what works and is easy.
  • List of food I typically use, which you also eat on the course, their amounts and calories, and the list calculates carbohydrates, protein and fats.
  • Orienteering basic skills.
  • Hiking and camping meta skills, like choosing campsite, how to get drinking water, going to “toilet”, hygiene and washing, fording streams, how to recognise when you get tired, how to deal with blisters and avoiding accidents.
  • You’ll save more than the price of the course by knowing what to buy and where to save money.


 What You Don’t Get

  • Perfect orienteering skills, that requires more experience.
  • Detailed instructions for specific hiking trails, because there’s already so much to learn on the course.
  • Winter camping skills, it requires know-how with different gear in different conditions.
Vaelluskurssi, kolmen vuodenajan varusteet riittävät talveen asti.
With good three season gear you can go from spring all the way to beginning of winter.

What I Know About Hiking and Camping

I’ve started hiking, backpacking, camping, whatever we call it, from zero. I haven’t been in scouts. I haven’t copied somebody else’s way of doing things, although it would’ve made some things easier to learn.

What starting from a sofa to go hiking and camping has forced me to do is that I don’t do things just because that’s how they’ve always been taught. I’ve had to learn to do things so that hiking is comfortable TO ME. It has taken some experiments and mistakes, but now when I take beginners to camp in national parks or Lapland’s wilderness, they don’t complain about being uncomfortable. Everything just works.

Skills and knowledge I’ve gathered on hundreds of nights in a tent and on thousands of kilometres on trails, and often outside of them, from Nuuksio National Park to wildernesses in Lapland.

I’ve gone to the mountains of North in spring when everybody else has said that it’s too early, and then I’ve enjoyed my time in an empty wilderness. In a same way I’ve stayed at the mountains in fall when the hiking season has been over and everybody else has gone home, and then I’ve looked at the amazing displays of northern lights and snow-covered mountaintops. Those are the kinds of things you’ll experience when you go on hiking adventures yourself.

Mikko Sinisalo's adventure in Lapland, hiking the Nordkalottruta/Nordkalottleden and a bit more. Hike across the Northern Norway.
My Kalotti 2011 hike: 1200 kilometres and 86 nights camping the whole way. Nordkalottruta from Sulitjelma to Kautokeino, and from there to Sandfjord on my own trails.

Something I’ve learned while reading hiking stuff on the internet is that everybody can have their own way of doing things, hike your own hike, but still everybody thinks that their way of doing it is the only best way.

I’ll teach you things I’ve learned about hiking and camping so that you’ll get up to speed a lot quicker than by trying and making mistakes and learning that way, but once you go out by yourself, you can do things just as you please. I want to give you the best possible way to start from nothing, so that you too can enjoy all those great things I’ve experienced in nature.

Adventures and hiking in nature, from Southern Finland to Lapland, in national parks and in wilderness. Finland, Sweden, Norway. Part 1 of 2.
Backpacking memories from Sweden, Norway, Koli and Hossa National Parks and from Porkkalanniemi.
Adventures and hiking in nature, from Southern Finland to Lapland, in national parks and in wilderness. Finland, Sweden, Norway. Part 2 of 2.
More memories from adventures in Lapland. You’ll experience many amazing things when you spend time outdoors.

I’ve hiked a lot alone and if I’d need to mention something especially important to know, it would be taking care of yourself. Somewhere out there in the wilderness nobody else looks after you, there’s nobody to help you if something bad happens, and there might not be any phone reception. Take care of yourself.

During the course we’ll talk about these kinds of things you can’t buy from a shop.

Ask Anything About This Hiking Course

If there’s anything you want to know more about, just send me a message from the form below or on WhatsApp.


Contact through WhatsApp, tap here or send to +358407419307


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But What If It Rains on the Course Days!

If you start hiking you will someday hike in rain too.

  1. You can borrow shell clothes for free.
  2. The way you do things when it rains is a lot more important than when it’s dry, so that you don’t get your gear wet and so that you’ll stay comfortable. Doing the course when it rains makes you learn these things in reality.



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