Hiking and Camping Courses in Helsinki, Finland – Private Teaching

Summer / Winter

In addition to my all inclusive backpacking trips I can also teach you to hike on your own. You can learn knowledge and skills by yourself with time and gear can be bought with money, but with my courses you’ll be on your way much quicker when you see how it’s good to do things and how the gear works, and the biggest difference to reading books, watching videos or listening to salesperson is that you’ll actually be doing all the things yourself that you need to do when backpacking. You can borrow all the necessary gear for the courses, so you get to try them before buying anything.

The courses are private. You can come alone or with a friend, child, family or a dog. We can put extra emphasis on how backpacking works for specifically for you or for you together. Whether you want to hike a long distance trail, take it really easy or get to backpack in spite of your age or difficulty moving, the course can be adapted to almost all situations.

Hiking Course for Beginners

Hiking course for beginners in Nuuksio National Park
Hiking Course, Nuuksio
Camping – 2 days
Starts at 190 € / person

Knowledge and skills to hike from spring to fall. It’ll be easy to camping by yourself after this. Travel time from Helsinki is around 30 minutes.

Winter Camping

Winter camping course in Nuuksio National Park
Winter Camping, Nuuksio
Camping – 2 days
Starts at 190 € / person

Winter camping course for those who have camped in summer season and who want to learn to camp in winter as well. You’ll see what’s the best way to do things and what gear you need in addition to your summer gear. Travel time from Helsinki is around 30 minutes.


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