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My name is Mikko and you can think of me as your Finnish Friend who loves being out in nature.

  Reasons to Go With Me

My hikes are private for you, you don’t have to go with a big group of unknown people.

Freedom of hiking distances and schedules, and your own peace and quiet thanks to the small group size.

You can borrow all hiking and camping gear needed, they’re included in the prices.

You don’t want a heavy backpack to ruin all the joys of being in nature, we use ultralight gear on my trips.

I can adapt the tours to your wishes and needs, for example if you want pickup from your hotel and drop off at the airport, or to come with children or a dog, or if you have physical disabilities.

There are no booking fees or payments in advance, you only pay after the tour.


Popular Hikes

Nuuksio National Park day hike
Nuuksio National Park
Day hike
Starts at 100 €
Snowshoeing in Nuuksio National Park in winter
Snowshoe in Nuuksio
Day hike
Starts at 100 €

Hot tent winter camping in Nuuksio National Park
Hot Tent Winter Camping
Camping – 2 days
Starts at 290 €
Archipelago by Helsinki day hike
Archipelago by Helsinki
Day hike
Starts at 100 €

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I’ve built my tours based on things you need to think about when visiting national parks around Helsinki, to make it as easy as possible for you to just enjoy your authentic experience, in all the best places, at any time of year.

Everything has been taken care of for you. You don’t need to worry about transport, weather and clothing or camping gear, food or drinks, finding your way or finding peace.

All you need to do is walk in nature. Let your mind and body wander in the forest.

We hike responsibly and respect nature. We leave only footprints behind.

What My Customers Think of Me

62 reviews
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27.11.2023 - Google
Mikko was an amazing guide, the attention to detail, the fact that he has all the equipment needed in case you don't have it adds to the experience being very relaxed. The tracks we did were beautiful, mikko didn't have any problems on me stopping to take photos or for asking 1000 questions. The food over the fire added so much more to the full experience. I would definitely go on other guided tours with him and can't recommend Mikko enough!
12.11.2023 - Google
Mikko is een echte Finse vriend. Wij zijn als 3 vrouwelijke Exchange studenten met hem op kampeertrip geweest en alles was echt super goed geregeld. We konden alles van Mikko lenen en alles was echt super schoon wat we van hem leenden. Hij had alles heel goed geregeld, het eten zat erbij en we kregen per dag een snack zakje met heerlijke snackjes. In de ochtend en avond kookte Mikko en het eten was heerlijk. We hebben heel veel geleerd en mochten zelf hout hakken en vuur maken, kortom Mikko wordt echt je Finse vriend.
09.11.2023 - Google
Ik ben op een 3-daagse hiking trip geweest met Mikko. Alles was super goed in orde. Hij had alle geschikte materialen die we mochten gebruiken, daarnaast beschikt hij ook over de kennis. Het was een top ervaring, ik kan het zeker aanraden!


Transport from Helsinki to Nuuksio National Park in minibus.

My tours include transport from your hotel, Airbnb or the airport to our destination and back. There’s plenty of space in my car to change your clothes and stretch your legs.

I’ll pick you up when you want to go.

I can pick you up from the airport if you want to go to nature straight away, or if you’re just on a stopover or layover in Helsinki, or pick you up from your hotel and take you to the airport after our trip. You can leave your luggage in my car.

Hiking and camping gear, clothing, shoes and other equipment

Vaellusvarusteet vaellusmatkoilla. Sisältää teltat, makuupussit ja -alustat, tyynyt, rinkat ja kaiken muun tarvittavan.

You can borrow a backpack, tent, sleeping bag and pad, pillow, jackets, trousers, shoes, gloves, beanies and caps, socks, snowshoes, walking poles, towel and everything else you might need on a camping trip or a day hike.

You’ll stay dry, you’ll stay warm. Unless you go swimming.

And you can keep your own clothes clean by borrowing mine.

Food, Snacks and Drinks

Kahvia kuksasta Porkkalanniemessä.

All meals you need during the trips are included from the moment you step in to my minibus.

Eat breakfast before I pick you up. On day hikes I provide snacks, drinks and a lunch in Finnish style. On longer camping trips all the snacks, drinks and meals are included. That means you get breakfasts, snacks while walking, lunch and dinner after we set camp. Warm drinks like coffee or tea you can get whenever you want.

Let me know about your diets or allergies on the booking form, I’ll accommodate everyone.


Nuuksio National Park in spring in May. Quiet side of the national park, the trails are hidden deep in the woods. Finnish nature near Helsinki, Finland.

You don’t need to know anything about hiking to go on my tours. I’ll take care of you.

Often on day hikes you don’t even need to carry a backpack, on overnight hiking and camping trips you’ll carry a very light pack. Otherwise you can choose how much you’ll participate in the work like setting up tents and packing up, or cooking.

Because we’ll hike in a small group without a predetermined plan and schedule I can change our route in the middle of the hike to accommodate your wishes or the conditions.

I want to show you the best places, but the most important thing on every hike is always safety, and that we’ll return to the car by walking on our own feet. As your guide I’ll make sure that happens.

Being your guide also means telling you about Finnish nature and helping you in every way possible. Let me know of your wishes and I’ll do my best to fulfil them.

Relaxed Schedule

Nuuksio National Park in fall. Having my morning coffee by a beautiful lake. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.

I want you to have a stress-free experience, we can go when it suits you and stay in the destination for long. There’s no schedule for preplanned route or programs to follow, we are free to go and do as we please.

If you decide you just want to sit down in peace and sense the world around you, we can do that. If you want to pick berries or mushrooms, we can do that. If you want to see as many lakes as possible and walk a long distance, we can do that. If you want to spend time alone with your loved one in the middle of a quiet forest, you can do that.

All the Typical Finnish Activities

Nuuksio National Park in summer in July. Handful of wild blueberries, or actually bilberries. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.

We can do all the things Finnish people do when walking in nature, like pick berries, forage mushrooms, swim in the lakes, snowshoe, or just relax in the peace and quiet.

You don’t need to book different activities, they’re all included according to season and weather.

Privacy and Personal Experience

Nuuksio National Park in fall. Finnish forest on quiet autumn days in November. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.

My tours are private for you or your small group, and I want to take you to places where you can have the peace Finland’s nature is all about.

By being alone we can have much purer, personal experience of the natural world around us. We’ll experience small moments in time that we are the only witnesses to.

What Do I Know About Hiking

I’ve started hiking, backpacking, camping, whatever we call it, from zero. I haven’t been in scouts. I haven’t copied somebody else’s way of doing things, although it would’ve made some things easier to learn.

What starting from a sofa to go hiking and camping has forced me to do is that I don’t do things just because that’s how they’ve always been taught. I’ve had to learn to do things so that hiking is comfortable TO ME. It has taken some experiments and mistakes, but now when I take beginners to camp in national parks or Lapland’s wilderness, they don’t complain about being uncomfortable. Everything just works.

Skills and knowledge I’ve gathered on hundreds of nights in a tent and on thousands of kilometres on trails, and often outside of them, from Nuuksio National Park to wildernesses in Lapland.

I’ve gone to the mountains of North in spring when everybody else has said that it’s too early, and then I’ve enjoyed my time in an empty wilderness. In a same way I’ve stayed at the mountains in fall when the hiking season has been over and everybody else has gone home, and then I’ve looked at the amazing displays of northern lights and snow-covered mountaintops. Those are the kinds of things you’ll experience when you go on hiking adventures yourself.

Mikko Sinisalo's adventure in Lapland, hiking the Nordkalottruta/Nordkalottleden and a bit more. Hike across the Northern Norway.
My Kalotti 2011 hike: 1200 kilometres and 86 nights camping the whole way. Nordkalottruta from Sulitjelma to Kautokeino, and from there to Sandfjord on my own trails.
Adventures and hiking in nature, from Southern Finland to Lapland, in national parks and in wilderness. Finland, Sweden, Norway. Part 1 of 2.
Backpacking memories from Sweden, Norway, Koli and Hossa National Parks and from Porkkalanniemi.
Adventures and hiking in nature, from Southern Finland to Lapland, in national parks and in wilderness. Finland, Sweden, Norway. Part 2 of 2.
More memories from adventures in Lapland. You’ll experience many amazing things when you spend time outdoors.

I’ve hiked a lot alone and if I’d need to mention something especially important to know, it would be taking care of yourself. Somewhere out there in the wilderness nobody else looks after you, there’s nobody to help you if something bad happens, and there might not be any phone reception. Now I take care of you as my job.

You can trust me to keep you safe, to stay calm, and to always bring you back in a good spirit.


Nuuksio National Park Partner

Partner of Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland


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If there’s anything you want to know more about, just send me a message from the form below or on WhatsApp. I will use your phone number or email only for answering, not for anything else, so you don’t need to worry about getting spammed if you contact me.

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