Weather and Hiking Conditions in Nuuksio National Park


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You can check more detailed weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website

Best Right Now

Nuuksio National Park in fall. Plenty of mushrooms (funnel chanterelle) for everyone! Nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Mushrooms are popping up everywhere after the rains.

Mushrooms. Nice weather for hiking. Eat the berries. Alone in the forest on weekdays. Relaxing in nature.

Trail Conditions

Mostly dry, but wet after rain. Running shoes or waterproof hiking shoes are fine.


Nuuksio National Park in summer, in August. One of the best places in Nuuksio. Finnish nature near Helsinki, Finland.
One of the best places in Nuuksio National Park, and it’s pretty quiet.

Fall and mushroom season is beginning, so lot’s of people on the main trails during weekend.

On the main routes with signs: Some people on weekdays, weekend will be very busy
Outside the main paths: Nobody on weekdays, few people on weekend

You can get a sense of the amount of people in the national park right now from webcams in parking lots.


Nuuksio National Park in fall. Handful of wild cranberries straight from nature. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Handful of wild cranberries straight from nature.

Season: Summer/fall
Atmosphere: End of summer, beginning of fall
Lakes temperature: +16 °C
Berries: Yes, lingonberries and cranberries
Mushrooms: Yes!
Biting insects: No, only deer keds that are annoying, but they don’t bite


Can be seen: Many birds
Hiding during day: Flying squirrel, owl, moose, lynx, fox, deer and many others

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