Winter and Snowshoeing in Nuuksio National Park

At it’s best Nuuksio National Park is a really good destination for winter hikes and snowshoeing, especially if you can go to the quiet side of the park. You don’t need to plan this hike a month in advance and hope for the best, we can go the day after tomorrow. My hikes include everything you need.


Nuuksio National Park in winter
Nuuksio National Park on a winter morning.

When Can We Snowshoe?

Walking with snowshoes is a bit harder work than with normal shoes, but if there’s lot’s of snow and you sink in deep, walking in the forest becomes easier with snowshoes.

So what’s the crossover point from normal shoes to snowshoes then?

About 25 centimeters of snow, or 10 inches.

If there’s more snow than that, it’s worth snowshoeing. With less than that it’s easier to just walk in normal hiking shoes.

Okay, when is there over 25 centimeters of snow in Nuuksio?

Nobody can say for sure. Most likely months for it are January, February and March.

But don’t get hung up on the snow depth when planning a trip to the national park. The forest can be really, really beautiful in a wintery way even with less snow. The key is having snow covering the trees, and that can happen at any point in winter months.

Nuuksio National Park in winter. Snowshoe trail at night with headtorch. Finnish nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Snowshoe trail at night with headtorches. So quiet, so beautiful.

Ask About Snow Conditions for Your Trip

If you’re coming to Helsinki in winter or you’re already here and would like to go snowshoeing, you can ask me if it’s possible by sending a message from the form below or on WhatsApp. I will use your phone number or email only for answering, not for anything else, so you don’t need to worry about getting spammed if you contact me.

Send a message from this form, I will reply to your email address.


Contact through WhatsApp, tap here or send to +358407419307


Nuuksio National Park in winter.
This is what it can be like in Nuuksio National Park at winter’s best. Amazing to be so near Helsinki.

What You Need and What You Can Borrow

My snowshoe hikes work the same way as all my other tours: you step into my minibus and I take care of everything else.

You can borrow everything you need, including the snowshoes and poles, and outdoor clothing according to weather.

All you need to have are clothes you’re comfortable to walk in from your hotel to my car.

Nuuksio National Park near Helsinki in Winter.
Snowshoeing under the moon in Nuuksio National Park.

If the snow conditions are right, we can always snowshoe on my tours. You don’t need to book a special snowshoe tour or pay extra for it.

Read all the details of a day hike from the link below and make a booking for your own, private winter tour in Nuuksio National Park.

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You Want to Snowshoe but There Isn’t Enough Snow in Nuuksio?

Nuuksio National Park is quite close to the coast, which means there can be a big difference in the amount of snow between Nuuksio and some other destination a bit further inland, but still just a day trip away from Helsinki, like Repovesi National Park.

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Would You Like to Stay Overnight in Nature, in Winter?

Besides picking you up from your hotel, taking you to snowshoe for a day, and then taking you back to your hotel in the evening, we can also stay overnight in the forest. Yes, in winter as well.

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