Nuuksio National Park Snowshoe Hike in Winter From Helsinki

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Hike with snowshoes in deep snow and over frozen lakes when visiting Helsinki in winter. This is a private day hike tour in Nuuksio National Park. Includes everything from transport to hiking gear and clothing for every weather.



  Snowshoe season is over for winter 2023/2024. See my day hike tour in Nuuksio National Park instead.



Group size: private, 1 to 5 plus guide

Availability: when over 25 cm of snow

Duration: 1 day

Transport: pickup from your accommodation anywhere in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, travel time from Helsinki is around 30 minutes

Start and end time: when you want

Daily hiking distance: according to your wishes, from 1 to 20 km

Food and drinks: includes everything you need on the trip (inform of allergies or diets when booking)

Hiking gear and clothing: includes all the gear and clothing for every weather (fits approx. 150-195 cm tall, shoe sizes 36-47)

What you need to have: clothes against your skin, personal medication and hygiene products



My prices are for adults, your under 18 year old children can come with you for free on day hikes!

For one: 220 €

For two: 280 € (140 € / person)

For three: 360 € (120 € / person)

For four: 400 € (100 € / person)

For five: 450 € (90 € / person)

Includes VAT


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Nuuksio National Park Partner

Partner of Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland


  Who’s This For

You want a guided snowshoe hike for you and your friends, not with ten other people.

You want the easiest way to go snowshoeing from Helsinki.

You want a relaxed day in nature without schedule.

You want the length of the hike to suit your wishes.


When Can We Snowshoe?

Walking with snowshoes is a bit harder work than with normal shoes, but if there’s lot’s of snow and you sink in deep, walking in the forest becomes easier with snowshoes.

What’s the crossover point from normal shoes to snowshoes?

About 25 centimeters of snow, or 10 inches.

If there’s more snow than that, it’s worth snowshoeing. With less than that it’s easier to just walk in normal hiking shoes.

When is there over 25 centimeters of snow in Nuuksio?

Nobody can say for sure. Most likely months for it are January, February and March.

But don’t get hung up on the snow depth when planning a trip to the national park. The forest can be really, really beautiful in a wintery way even with less snow. The key is having snow covering the trees, and that can happen at any point in winter months.


Snowshoe hikes in Helsinki
Snowshoe hikes in Nuuksio National Park
Snowshoeing in darkness in Nuuksio National Park
Nuuksio National Park in winter. Stunning winter view over Nuuksio National Park from a drone.

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