Guided 5 Day Hiking Trip to Koli National Park from Helsinki

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This hike takes us to Finland’s most famous national landscape, on Herajärvi Trail to Koli National Park and to the peak of Koli.

Simply: you have to see this.

Views from high rocks, trails in Karelia’s forests, traditional farmhouses, meadows left behind from old homes and sleeping on a lakeshore. This hike is a journey into a Finnish painting and it’s traditional scenery.

This all inclusive hike has everything you need. Step in to my minibus, I’ll take care of everything else.

The whole trip is five days long from Helsinki. We’ll sleep in tents for four nights, and the hike takes three days.

We hike responsibly and respect the nature. We leave only footprints behind.


Suomen kansallismaisema vaellusmatkalla Kolin kansallispuistoon.
We’ll hike on small trails in these forests and hills.


Destination: Koli National Park, Pohjois-Karjala

Availability: May to October

Duration: five days and four nights

Daily hiking distance: according to your wishes 10-20 km

Transport: pickup from the airport or your accommodation anywhere in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, travel time from Helsinki around 7 hours

Start time: morning between 8 to 10

Group size: private

Food and drinks: includes everything you need on the trip (inform of allergies or diets when booking)

Hiking gear and clothing: includes all the gear and clothing for every weather (fits approx. 150-195 cm tall, shoe sizes 36-47)

What you need to have: toothbrush and underwear, personal medication and hygiene products


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Herajärven kierroksen vaeltaminen Kolilla.
Campsite on the shore of lake Pielinen. View to the lake from your tent and a sand beach, this is the place to be on a holiday.

 Who’s This Tour For

  • You want to see something really amazing in Finland.
  • You want to see what the one landscape that every Finnish person has to see in their lifetime is like.
  • A bit of physical exercise doesn’t bother you, because the Herajärvi Trail has some uphills.
  • You want something that’s between a night in Nuuksio National Park right next to Helsinki and a longer hike in Lapland.
  • You want to go on a short holiday to experience something new.


Kolin kansallispuiston ja Herajärven kierroksen polut kulkevat korkeilla kallioilla.
Herajärvi Trail goes over high hills which have beautiful views!

 What You Get

  • Have an adventure further away from Helsinki.
  • Hike on top of Koli to see Finland’s most famous national landscape.
  • Be inside of Finland’s traditional scenery: hike over the hills and across old yards, sleep on the lakeshore and walk in the forest.


 What You Don’t Get

  • Be alone on top of Koli for certain, but we will be on high rocks many times on this hike.


Auringonlasku Kolin huipulta.
Finland’s forests continue over the hilly landscape all the way to the horizon.

Ask Anything About Hiking in Koli

If there’s anything you want to know more about, just send me a message from the form below or on WhatsApp.


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Kolin kansallispuisto ja Herajärven kierroksen vaeltaminen.
We have time to just be and wonder at the top of Koli. First wow, then relaxed staring in to distance and take a deep breath.



5 Days

590 € / person

Price includes tax (VAT 24%)

You will only pay for the number of people actually taking part. If someone can’t come for any reason, you don’t pay any extra.



Booking Fee

There is no booking fee, you only pay after the tour. You trust me with taking you deep in to the forest with a labyrinth of trails and no signs, I trust you to respect your booking, or at least cancel well in advance.

Cancel or Change Your Booking at Any Time

You can cancel your booking at any time, no questions asked, or change any of the information on the booking form, including the date of your tour, by contacting me through email or WhatsApp.

Payment Methods

You can only pay after the tour, so you know what you are paying for. You can pay with cash or with any of the following payment cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Vpay
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