Hiking Course’s Resources

Resources related to my hiking course are my work and they are copyrighted.

After going on my course you get personal permission to use the files, but I do have to ask not to share them on the internet. If you want to share your gear or food lists, please make a PDF and share those, that way others can’t copy my work.

Thank you for going on my course and best of luck on your own adventures!

See the Resources (requires password)


Resources include:

  • Spreadsheet of all clothing and gear that you need on a multi-day hike.
  • Spreadsheet of my typical food and their energy content. You can use it as starting point for your own list, or you can change the foods and their information to calculate your own energy content, proteins and so on. Also includes calculator for the amount of energy you need to eat.
  • Calculator for how much water you need to carry to a destination without water sources.
  • List of links to useful sites to help planning your hikes.
  • Helpful things you can use on your phone.
  • List of shops which sell lightweight gear.