Booking Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applied when you make a booking for Finnish Friend.

Required for Making a Booking

You must be at least 18 years old.

Booking Fee

There is no booking fee.

Booking Confirmation

Your booking will be confirmed after I have checked your booking information.

Changing Your Booking

You can freely change your booking and all of it’s information from a link in your email. If you want to change the date of your adventure, you can only choose from the available dates and at minimum two days ahead of today.


You are free to cancel your booking at any time from a link in your email. You can also cancel your booking by contacting me.

I can cancel your booking if I can’t provide the service that you have booked, because of unforeseen events. Possible reasons for cancellation include all force majeure and impossibility situations.

In case of cancellation by me, you will receive notifications to your email and your phone number as an SMS text message.

As there is no booking fee or any other payments in advance, there is nothing to refund in case of cancellation.


The price of the service is determined to be what is shown at this website at the moment you make the booking. The pricing at that moment is sent to you in the confirmation emails.

If you have made a booking for more people than actually take part in my service, you only need to pay according to the actual number of participants. The pricing will be for the total number of people, not the original per person price at the time of booking.

Items You Can Borrow

My service includes items you can borrow without extra fee, the items are listed on the tour pages.

The items are available for you to borrow for the duration of my service.

In case you accidentally lose or damage an item, or an item breaks from wear, you are not liable to pay compensation.

In case you intentionally lose or damage an item I will require compensation for the whole purchase price of that item.

Applicable Law

All actions are governed by the Finnish law. Disputes will be attempted to resolve through negotiation, but if failed, they will be settled by the Helsinki District Court.